A Beginner’s Guide to Global Entry — TripIt Blog

When you wake up blindfolded from a long-haul international flight, the last thing you want to see is the hours-long queue at the Customs and Border Protection checkpoint. Fortunately, for many US travelers (and eligible international travelers as well), Global Entry can help speed up the time it takes to re-enter the United States from … Read more

10 startup conferences entrepreneurs simply can’t miss

Is there anything budding entrepreneurs, venture capital tycoons, and angel investors enjoy more than a global conference focused on tech startups? Mostly not. The world of events is starting to open up again, and it’s time for anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit to get their agenda out and start planning their conference trip. Whether you … Read more

6 workplace trends defining the future of work in 2022

A new year is upon us, and we are still dealing with the effects of the global pandemic that surprised us all two years ago. Our work life has completely changed during this time. From sending us to work from home for our own safety in March 2020 to redefining the way we will work … Read more

Which Disney World theme park should you visit? (QUIZ)

Noticeable: All travel is subject to ever-changing government restrictions – please review federal, state and local guidelines before scheduling flights. What would you do if Pirates of the Caribbean, Spaceship Earth, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Avatar Flight of Passage called you at the same time, but you only had enough time for … Read more

What U.S. Travelers Need to Know — TripIt Blog

Two months ago, I flew on my first international flight since the start of the pandemic. And while I’ve spent the better part of two years researching and writing about how COVID-19 is reshaping the travel landscape – including changing air travel requirements – I still find the process of planning compliance with said requirements … Read more

Top 13 European trade shows in 2022

After nearly two years of Zoom calls, it’s hard to get excited about the possibility of another hypothetical event. As life slowly begins to unfold, many of us will be thrilled to see trade fairs and other industry events return to head-on. Having the opportunity to make personal contacts seems even more valuable after being … Read more

7 stats on what employees really want in the future of work

There is no denying that the world is changing due to the coronavirus pandemic. For the past two years (yes, it’s been a really long time), we’ve lived something out of a science fiction novel. Borders closed, restaurants closed, streets closed, and more time at home than we’d ever thought marked the COVID world and … Read more

In a hybrid world, meeting the team is an event

I am a person who loves to meet people in person. This is no secret. I made it very clear that I’m excited to see the back of Zoom and other video conferencing tools. Don’t get me wrong – I think they are great innovations that are very useful for many things – just not … Read more