8 amazing perks for employees doing hybrid work

Remember back in 2018 or 2019 when we all thought having a slide or ping-pong table in the office was peak cool? We envy our Google friends who can retreat to their aquarium room for a little R&D in the middle of the day, or those on Facebook in Palo Alto who can mix up some tunes on DJ floors in the office on Tuesdays at 11am.

But, are the days of office-centric franchises gone? With the nature of the work day changing dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, employee benefits are being put under a microscope. Companies are widely shifting to the hybrid or fully remote working model, and as a result, they are asking themselves what kinds of perks employees will really benefit and need in this new reality.

Perks make the employee experience what it is

Before setting out on our list of the best franchises out there, it is important that you understand why they are important. The package of benefits you offer employees is often the determining factor for job seekers when choosing between one role or another. Company benefits such as paid health insurance, vacation, comfortable parental leave for new parents, day care, and sometimes even student loan repayment form the basis of a comprehensive employee benefits package.

Employee benefits also play an important role in setting up and inculcating your company culture. This is, to a large extent, what attracts the best talent from around the world and serves to ensure long-term employee satisfaction. Even the little things like serving up healthy snacks in the office or setting up sustainability incentive programs are what sets your company culture apart.

Now that we’re moving into the post-pandemic world, it’s important to look at and reassess the perks that make your company culture what it is. What types of perks will serve your teams best in a mixed or remote world?

The 8 best employee benefits for hybrid and remote work

1. Put employee mental health as a top priority

With 2020 coined by McKinsey as “The Great Burnout,” burnout affected employees more than any other year. With the increasing prevalence of remote work since the pandemic, employees have reported feeling overwhelmed, isolated, unable to disconnect from work, and even impostor syndrome.

Putting the mental health of your employees at the center of your benefits program will change your organization for the better. Giving them the tools to take care of their mental health is a great perk they will all appreciate.

At TravelPerk, for example, all of our employees have access to iFeel – a platform that connects individuals with trained psychologists through video conferencing. It’s a great tool that gives our teams an outlet to speak to a professional in complete and complete confidentiality.

2. Don’t forget about physical wellness

Women doing Pilates

Just as you need to take care of the mind, you also need to enable employees to take care of their bodies. We spend about 10 hours a day sitting in the same position. Sitting for too long can increase the risk of heart disease, undo all the hard work we do in the gym and increase the odds of diabetes and weight gain.

This is why supporting some type of wellness program for your employees is such a huge advantage to give them. The amount of time we’ve spent sitting still has skyrocketed during the pandemic, and it’s time for us to start moving again.

Businesses around the world are beginning to offer employee benefits such as gym memberships or subscriptions to apps like GymPass. Microsoft, for example, offers employees a monthly stipend of $800 to spend on gyms and weight management software. Salesforce also encourages employees to use their welfare stipend for regular massages!

3. Try flexible working hours

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It can be so easy to get caught up in an assignment or a meeting and not even realize it’s 8pm and you’re still connected to your computer at work. Especially in a mixed work environment. Giving employees flexible schedules for their hours is one of the best job perks you can give them to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

By giving employees flexible working hours, they can find time during the day to exercise, spend time with their families, or walk their dogs. They can then return to their workstation and finish the day’s tasks. Autonomy in setting their own work schedules will increase productivity and motivation – not to mention give them time to enjoy the other health benefits you have to offer!

Dell, for example, has the concept of flexible working fully rooted in the company’s culture. In fact, the company’s director of global human resources said, “Our value proposition is clear and simple: to empower our team members to do their best work, no matter where and when.”

4. Negotiate special rates for entertainment services

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Perks don’t just have to be about luxury or retirement plans. It could be more fun too! As people are sent home to close their doors in early 2020, some companies have decided to help their employees spend time outside of their working hours…by paying for entertainment services!

For example, employees at IE University enjoyed 3 months of HBO’s support from the company throughout the grueling quarantine period in Spain. You can do something similar in your company by offering employees discounts on gaming services or streaming platforms like HBO or Netflix. Now this is the thing that will make your retention rates cross the ceiling!

5. Saving Home Office Budget

Gorgeous home office

Working from home is an option for many professionals these days, even if it’s not full time. On days when employees are working remotely, it is important to make sure they have the right equipment and a comfortable setup while they work.

Providing employees with extra monitors, quality gadgets, and a comfortable chair is…the least you can do. Employees need to be able to move from home office to office seamlessly especially in a mixed work environment. They also need a work environment conducive to work and productivity. You can help them achieve this by helping them create the perfect home office – whether that’s sending them the tools you think they’ll need or allocating a specific budget for them to set it up themselves.

For example, Shopify and Twitter give remote or hybrid employees $1000 to set up their home office.

6. Be generous with your vacation time

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If you’re thinking “we don’t need to give hybrid employees more vacation time… they’re already home!” – He stopped. We’re not suggesting that you give them unlimited time off (although some great companies around the world do, like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Hubspot), but to understand that tiredness and fatigue are just as pervasive, if not more so, in the remote office . headquarters. center.

Being generous with paid time off is one of the best perks that your employees will appreciate the most. Everyone needs (and deserves) time to recharge their batteries when they need to. The world of work can be tiring and stressful for many, so getting plenty of time to rest is key to an employee’s mental and physical health. Not to mention, an employee who has a good rest is more creative, productive and motivated.

In the summer of 2021, TravelPerk gave all employees an extra week off in addition to their vacation days! We were to devote this vacation to a real detachment from work and technology to properly refuel our engines and prepare for the next stage of our company’s growth. And imagine what? We loved it. We are more motivated than ever.

7. Give employees a chance to do some good

Volunteering at a food bank

Companies around the world give employees “voluntary time” – one or two days a year to dedicate to volunteering and charitable work. Organized volunteer time can be organized independently or participate in volunteer initiatives organized by the company itself.

For example, Colgate-Palmolive holds Colgate Cares Day where teams from around the world participate in service projects to make their local communities happier and healthier. Patagonia gives all of its employees the opportunity to participate in projects that have a positive environmental impact. With the world facing a global health crisis, you must give your employees the opportunity to pay back company time.

8. Build a more accepting culture by taking sick days

sick person at home

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many people felt stigmatized to call the sick and stay at home. As we emerge from the global health crisis, one of the many lessons we have learned has been to put our health and well-being first.

This is something companies should reflect through healthcare initiatives such as generous paid sick leave. This is increasingly becoming the norm all over the world, however, there are still some naysayers within organizations.

…and there you have it! Just a quick overview of some of the best perks you can give employees in a mixed work environment. Does your company offer any new and exciting business perks to this new way of working? Let’s know!

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