Amari Cooper trade details: How Cowboys won big in 2018 deal with Raiders

Dallas has been hanging out with Mr. Cooper since 2018.

It’s not a farce when Amari Cooper is on the field, though: The wide receiver was on his way to his fourth consecutive 1,000-yard season before being sidelined by the coronavirus ahead of his eleventh week showdown with the Chiefs.

When the Raiders traded for Cooper in 2018, it was another indication that two franchises were heading in opposite directions. With Technical Director Jon Gruden looking to make his stamp on the franchise, pass quickly

A few years later, it looks like Dallas has got the way, way better end of the deal. Here’s how it broke down:

Amari Cooper trade details

On October 22, 2018, the Oakland Raiders (then) sent Amary Cooper to the Cowboys to pick the first round of the 2019 NFL draft. The Raiders would use the 27th overall pick to seize the safety of Jonathan Abram, who remains on the team in 2021.

Cooper would go on to have some big seasons with the Cowboys, collecting 3,611 yards over 268 catches (50 games) since hitting the middle of the season in 2018.

There were a few reasons behind the deal: With Dez Bryant out of the squad to enter the 2018 season, the Cowboys needed a real No. 1 goal for budding star Dak Prescott to contend.

At the time, Dallas was relying on rookie Michael Gallup and slot receiver Cole Beasley, along with Jason Witten, but didn’t have the real first man again until Cooper reached the Big D. The Raiders were also reluctant to want Cooper involved in contract extension talks due to his reported demands.

For now, Dallas was viewing Cooper’s trade as a misstep. Critics didn’t like that Jerry Jones sent this super-valued first-round pick to the Raiders.

With Jon Gruden entering his first year (in his second stint) of his stay at the Raiders, the head coach was looking forward to shaping the team in his image, eventually trading Cooper and pass rusher Khalil Mack in 2018. Starting the 2018 season for two first-round picks and more.

As it turns out, a trade for Cooper was just what the sick Cowboys offense doctor ordered: In nine games for Dallas, Cooper was Prescott’s number one goal, racking up 725 yards of assists for six touchdowns in 53 receptions.

Cooper will eventually sign a five-year, $100 million contract extension with Dallas in 2020 ($60 million guaranteed).

“I think the change of scenery was really necessary, I really, and frankly, I don’t think I would have stayed with last season’s Raiders to be able to thrive and reach some of the heights that I was able to reach as a cowboy,” Cooper said of the trade in July 2019. It was definitely necessary.”

On the other hand, Abram faced his problems in the NFL. Pro Football Focus was rated one of the worst pure cover safes in the NFL, with a coverage score of 48.9, good (or poor) ranked 84 out of 97 qualified safety in 2021. That number is, in a way, an improvement over the year Last, when he had a coverage score of 30.1,

If new age stats aren’t your thing, keep in mind that Abram has only had three interceptions in three seasons with the Raiders.

There are usually winners and losers in trades, after all.