Behold the world’s most mind-bending architectural optical illusions!

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Look, we’re not telling you to see the world Just for the gram. After all, this crazy planet is big and full of all kinds of adventures. But who among us hasn’t sometimes felt that a really good picture would be the frosting of an already delicious travel cake? You don’t have to be a photographer to appreciate the power of a dazzling shot or two (or 12). We got it, and we really do – which is why we’re here to help with these amazing buildings. Stretch your eyes, dazzle your emotions, and fill your social media feeds with our global picks of the best architectural optical illusions.

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canute wall: Lyon, France

Le More de Canute, Lyon, France

Flickr CC: Greger Ravik

The 3D painting technique “trompe l’oeil” literally translates to “deceive the eye”. Located in Lyon, “Le Mur des Canuts” is one of the best representations of the art form. Europe’s largest painted wall (created in 1997 and updated in 2013) features a glimpse into life in the French city, as characters climb a grand staircase. The sense of depth is only enhanced by its adequately painted position between adjacent buildings.

The Other Place Guilin Litopia Hotel in Guilin, China

The Other Place Guilin Litopia Hotel in Guilin, China

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping inside one of MC Escher’s math-inspired works of upturned stairs and upside-down doors to anywhere, The Other Place in southwest China might be the place for you. The 10-room boutique property features two rooms – called “Maze” and “Dream” – inspired by the Dutch artist’s impossible mazes, as envisioned by design firm Studio 10. And you won’t be there just for the sake of the unusual hotel room: Guilin is one of the country’s most sought-after destinations. It is a popular tourist destination in China, thanks to its other wonderful karst mountain rock formations along the Li River and its picturesque terraced rice fields.

Magic Tab by Philip Thiel: Cadiz, Spain

CC Wiki: Emilio J. Rodriguez Posada

Are you visiting Spain via a cruise ship? Lounging in the coastal city of Cadiz is a magical faucet (by artist Philip Thiel) that flows with water 24/7 – although there is no visible connection to the land below. Is it Spanish magic? Or just a prop hidden in the water? Who cares – embrace magic and selfies!

WonderWorks House: Orlando and Other Cities

WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida

WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida | Photo: Courtesy of WonderWorks

If you’ve ever been to Orlando, you’ve probably noticed this classic upside-down building. According to the legend of WonderWorks, the building was a top-secret research laboratory located in the Bermuda Triangle before it was uprooted from the ground by a powerful hurricane created by laboratory scientists. Long anecdotes aside, the building’s design is the brainchild of architect and Terry O. Nichoson of Nichoson Design International, an Orlando native, and what’s inside is equally fascinating for curious children. Described as a “brain park,” Wonderworks offers over 100 hands-on and interactive “educational” shows such as a reflection tunnel, severe weather zone, physical challenge zone, live comedy magic dinner show, and more. You’ll find similar buildings at WonderWorks locations in Pigeon Forge, Myrtle Beach, Panama City Beach, Branson and Syracuse.

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Chicago Magic Lounge Bathroom: Chicago

Whirl of Illusion at Chicago Magic Lounge

Whirl of Illusion at Chicago Magic Lounge

If you’re planning to have a drink or two in the Chicago Magic Lounge, the Windy City magic club where you enter through the laundry, we ask that you be extremely careful when entering the restroom. Otherwise, the swirl of a black and white tile floor twisting in place might threaten to take you down. It’s an illusion (like most things in this pub) but you can never be too careful.

Invisible mirror cube: The Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden

Regardless of your motives, it’s a good idea to book a room at the Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden, with its slick ethic and back to basics. But if you’re looking for a little visual inspiration, you could do worse than a night or two in the invisible mirror. Set in treetops, and completely covered in mirrors, the only thing you are likely to see is what you are looking for – pure, unbroken nature. It’s like you’re sleeping in nothing at all.

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