Brazil cops eyed in massacre of eight after cop killed

One widow said, “All of them have no genitals, except for those who do not have eyes, legs, or arms.”

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Rio de Janeiro police are seen killing eight men suspected of mutilating a police officer.

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According to the wife of one of the eight men, the bodies were found in a mangrove forest. The dead were forcibly taken from their homes and allegedly executed by the police.

The bodies were found on Monday.

Local media reported that the dead were in retaliation for the killing of the sergeant on Saturday. Leandro Rumbelsperger da Silva, 38, during a gun battle in a city slum. He was married and the father of two children.

One of the wives of the dead men – who declined to be named – told Extra Globo newspaper that Jonata Clando Pacheco Sodre, 28, was removed from her home and killed by the authorities.

Sgt.  Leandro Romblesberger da Silva, 38, was killed on Saturday.  Police Script
Sgt. Leandro Romblesberger da Silva, 38, was killed on Saturday. Police Script

“They took them alive, and stabbed them to death,” she told the newspaper. “All of them have no reproductive organs, except for those who don’t have eyes, legs, or arms.”

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Rumpelsberger da Silva, assigned to the 7th Battalion of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police, was shot dead by alleged gang members while on patrol.

The alleged shooter, Igor da Costa Coutinho, 24, was killed in a gun battle Sunday night. Extra Globo said policemen in the Rompelsberger da Silva unit are fighting to regain control of the slums.

Nine people were killed in armed clashes over the weekend. But the policemen deny any involvement in the mangrove massacre.

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Cléones da Silva Araujo told Extra Globo that vengeful policemen “beheaded” her brother Elio da Silva Araujo.

“If he is shot, I will accept,” said Cleonis da Silva Araujo. But they cut off my brother’s head. Unfortunately, justice works that way.”

An autopsy leaked to the media revealed that the men had been shot dead by rifles. There was no mention of torture or dismemberment.

So far in 2021, officers from the 7th Battalion have killed an estimated 1,096 people.

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